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  • Guayaka 7 Seeds 10. April 2014
    Guayaka - Reggae Seeds Regulare REGGAE SEEDS-reg Guayaka 7 Seeds Ghenetik: Guayaba x Kalijah Cup Winner: Strain:   Preis: -10% instead 32,00 € only 28,80 € - 3,20 € incl. 10 % Tax […]
Kali fem.
Kali CBD Seeds

For many experienced growers, this is the ultimate sativa. Genotype from two hybrids of sativa family. Seeds CBD has achieved an improved and stabilized this variety for its long buds are more compact, increasing the final production and maintaining its resistance to rust. This virtue is essential if we plant it outdoors, because its bloom lasts until November and may coincide with the autumnal rains.

In cultured inner recommend spending 12 hours at most one week after the appearance of the cotyledons, as is increased in size during flowering.

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